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The Zen Organics story

Matcha tea lover Julie Aubin, founder of Zen Organics, started drinking organic Japanese Matcha tea as an alternative to coffee and coffee blends. At the time it was virtually impossible to find affordable, superior, organic Japanese Matcha tea in Vancouver. Lack of choice led to importation of organic Japanese Matcha for personal use. Soon Julie was sharing her supply and her love of Matcha with friends and family. Soon Julie was importing organic Japanese Matcha for herself, friends and family. As the amazing health benefits of Matcha became more apparent and demand picked up, Zen Organics was born.

Zen Organics strives continuously to provide health and wellness conscious consumers within Canada and the United States with organic Japanese Matcha teas, lemonades, hot chocolates, and luxurious skin and body care products. Zen Organics continues to set the standard with innovative ways for our valued customers to use Matcha tea.

Julie's strong and enduring respect for sustainable farming and fair trade practices is reflected in the way all her products are sourced, and in the way she lives her own life, which is based on giving back to her own community as well as those far away.

Prior to starting Zenorganics, Julie spent over a decade working with youth at risk in Vancouver, and orphans in Soweto, South Africa. In South Africa, Julie worked within a small, inadequate and dilapidated orphan shelter,which housed 108 children. Julie was responsible for the development and implementation of a sustainable and nutritious food program. Despite considerable odds Julie was successful in sourcing and setting up a sustainable supply of free fruits and vegetables.The changes she was able to implement in the shelter is in keeping with her core belief that a plant based diet will address a wide variety of health issues, resulting in whole-body health.

Inspired by her experience in Soweto, Julie has continued to foster sustainability in every aspect of her life by an uncompromising commitment to providing others and herself with opportunities to experience the wonderful taste and diverse benefits of organic Matcha and Matcha related blends. Over the last four years, Julie has nurtured Zen Organics into a company that is known for unsurpassed customer service and commitment to fostering trust in all interactions with her loyal partners and customers.

The Zen Organics Commitment to a Health and Wellness Conscious Customer Base

Julie's commitment to supporting the ever-evolving needs of her client base is carried forward into the fundamental values of her company, Zen Organics. At its foundation Zen Organics embraces sustainable chemical free farming methods,using products that support small and medium sized businesses that parallel her core vision of using wholesome, super, plant based foods such as organic Matcha as a vehicle to awaken and empower the wonderful and profound senses that define the complexities of the human experience.