Natures treat to your senses...

eat, drink and nourish your soul with Wonderful Matcha


Julie's commitment to supporting the ever-evolving needs of her client base is carried forward into the fundamental values of her company, Zen Organics. At its foundation Zen Organics embraces sustainable chemical free farming methods, using products that support small and medium sized businesses that parallel her core vision of using wholesome, super, plant based foods such as organic Matcha as a vehicle to awaken and empower the wonderful and profound senses that define the complexities of the human experience.

About the Source of Zen Organics Matcha Green Tea

Zen Organics organic Matcha tea plants are harvested from fields high in the pristine mountains of Aichi within the Nishio area of Japan. Nishio is the number one production location for Tencha tea. This exceptional tea region is blessed with a misty climate, sloping hills, warm days and cool nights, and this unique combination provides a wonderful setting for tea plants to flourish. As in ancient times, the leaves are carefully picked, steamed and then ground by a granite stone mill into the finest Matcha green tea power. Our supplier's continued commitment to organic Tencha production is well documented. In April 2001 the prestigious organic certificate was awarded to them under the aegis of JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards Association). By 2005, their fields ware rated first in Japan. Using this supplier as our source of Matcha clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing our valued customers and partners with unsurpassed quality Matcha green tea. We at Zen Organics believe that creating awarding winning organic Matcha is not an individual but a collective effort. Like the people of Nishio, we are passionate about our superb teas and tea blends because we know that our customers are getting unsurpassed quality, taste, benefits and affordability.

A Fun Fact about Matcha Tea:

In 2006 Matcha tea placed the Nishio region on the world map when the city came into the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest simultaneous tea ceremony in the world at any one time!